When the project Bed and Breakfast Telari was born, its creator, Salvatore Zacheo already knew what he wanted to do. Drawn from his experience and knowledge of the region and as a connoisseur of this land, he had the vision to make a place where guests can reap the magic of Salento by immersing themselves in its atmosphere.

Here you can discover ancient traditions, local pastimes, eat dinners under the moonlight, watch the glowing sunset and dive into crystalline waters. You can also feel the warmth of the people and experience the sincere and friendly reception that is the hallmark of the people of Salento who take pride in sharing with you their local traditions and welcoming you into their community. These aspects of Salento helped to mould Bed and Breakfast Telari into what it is today.

This historical building, faithfully renovated, immediately puts you in the mood for your holiday. It’s vaulted ceilings and private shaded courtyards are a feature of Telari we are very proud of.